What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

I am Runxin Xu (许润昕), a master student at the Institute of Computational Linguistics in the School of EECS, Peking University, advised by Dr. Baobao Chang and Dr. Zhifang Sui. Prior to this, I earned my Bachelor’s degree at Shanghai Jiao Tong University advised by Dr. Xiaofeng Gao.

My research interests mainly lie in natural language processing, especially 1) document-level and few-shot information extraction, and 2) effective and efficient pre-trained language model.

I am actively seeking for engineer or researcher position (graduate in 2023). Please drop me an email (A@B,A=runxinxu,B=gmail.com) if you want to chat.


Peking University, Sep. 2020 - Jun. 2023 (expected)

Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Sep. 2016 - Jun. 2020


Alibaba Damo Academy, Mar. 2021 – present

ByteDance AI Lab, Nov. 2019 – Jan. 2021

Microsoft C+AI, July. 2019 – October. 2019

Publications and Manuscripts

* means equal contribution.

From Dense to Sparse: Contrastive Pruning for Better Pre-trained Language Model Compression. [PDF] [code]
Runxin Xu*, Fuli Luo*, Chengyu Wang, Baobao Chang, Jun Huang, Songfang Huang, Fei Huang.

BERT Raises a Child: Towards Improving Generalization for Large Language Model Fine-tuning. [PDF] [code] [Report]
Runxin Xu*, Fuli Luo*, Zhiyuan Zhang, Chuanqi Tan, Baobao Chang, Songfang Huang, Fei Huang.
EMNLP2021 (Oral).

Behind the Scenes: An Exploration of Trigger Biases Problem in Few-Shot Event Classification. [PDF] [code]
Peiyi Wang*, Runxin Xu*, Tianyu Liu, Damai Dai, Baobao Chang, Zhifang Sui.

Document-level Event Extraction via Heterogeneous Graph-based Interaction Model with a Tracker. [PDF] [code] [talk]
Runxin Xu, Tianyu Liu, Lei Li, Baobao Chang.
ACL2021 (Oral).

Double Graph Based Reasoning for Document-level Relation Extraction. [PDF] [code]
Shuang Zeng*, Runxin Xu*, Baobao Chang, Lei Li.

Volctrans Parallel Corpus Filtering System for WMT 2020. [PDF]
Runxin Xu, Zhuo Zhi, Jun Cao, Mingxuan Wang, Lei Li.
(Win the first place of WMT20 Parallel Corpus Filtering tasks. Here is the result.)

Xiaomingbot: A Multilingual Robot News Reporter [PDF] [Report] [URL] [Youtube]
Runxin Xu, Jun Cao, Mingxuan Wang, Jiaze Chen, Hao Zhou, Ying Zeng, Yuping Wang, Li Chen, Xiang Yin, Xijin Zhang, Songcheng Jiang, Yuxuan Wang, Lei Li.
ACL2020, System Demonstrations.

ACMo: Angle-Calibrated Moment Methods for Stochastic Optimization. [PDF] [code] [URL]
Xunpeng Huang, Runxin Xu, Hao Zhou, Zhe Wang, Zhengyang Liu, Lei Li.

An Enhanced Span-based Decomposition Method for Few-Shot Sequence Labeling. [PDF]
Peiyi Wang*, Runxin Xu*, Tianyu Liu, Qingyu Zhou, Yunbo Cao, Baobao Chang, Zhifang Sui.

Explicit Interaction Network for Aspect Sentiment Triplet Extraction. [PDF]
Peiyi Wang*, Lianzhe Huang*, Tianyu Liu, Damai Dai, Runxin Xu, Houfeng Wang, Baobao Chang, Zhifang Sui.

Adaptive Gradient Methods Can Be Provably Faster than SGD after Finite Epochs. [PDF]
Xunpeng Huang, Hao Zhou, Runxin Xu, Zhe Wang, Lei Li.

Hornors & Awards

Teaching Experience

  • Introduction to Computing (Category C), Teaching Assistant, Fall 2020

Contact Me

  • Email: runxinxu AT gmail DOT com
  • Links: GitHub